One Weekday afternoon while pretending to work in my office, I received a text from my good friend Gabby. It was Cancer Season and she was hosting a bday brunch on her honor at a place called Vesper Sporting Club located at 223 S. Sydenham St and I had made the invite list. Its literally located in the alley way adjacent to the Chipotle on 15th and Walnut. This place is so low key you wouldn't even know anything was down there. I like secret spaces like that because it gives me vibes of exclusivity.

Now let me just put this out there. Gabby sent out a text prior to this day to cash app her $25 for everyone to pay for their bottom less mimosas at the Sunday brunch which is from 11am-Midnight. That's right... MIDNIGHT. So basically the $25 covered the mimosas until they closed. Food would be billed separately. Apparently they also have all day happy hour from 5pm-11pm daily. They are also open til 2 am from Wednesday-Saturday. Where exactly have I been? With this being an option, why on earth would anyone keep going to Xfinity Live to watch games? This place is the real deal. Sexy and classy.

We enter and it has this mysterious dark vibe like we've suddenly went underground. Dim lights and a long sexy bar greets you. The host speaks to Gab and makes sure she understands that the payment for the mimosas will be billed onto the card the reservation was made on and then leads us to our brunch area. As soon as we walk in it's sexy as hell with big ass screens everywhere playing music videos from the DJs set. I'm loving it. The girls bring the bottles of champagne to us with sparklers as if we are in a premiere VIP lounge. I can tell it's about to get LIT.

Next we are handed the menu. Now I gotta keep it real. Due to the fact that we are downtown, I wanted to know how much money to bring out in case the food was expensive. So I looked up the menu before hand. And to my surprise, it was definitely a great and inexpensive brunch menu. They also had a few selection of benedicts and I am an Eggs Benedict type of woman when it comes to brunch. I ordered the California Eggs Benedict with avocado spread and smoked salmon with Hollandaise sauce. It was good but I was hungry again in like two hours.

I give Vesper three out of five stars for OK service (waitresses were not the most friendly but they weren't mean either), food was a little bit slow coming out, and the brunch seemed to house only women... where were the men at?