As a woman who spent five years of her life living in DC during and after my years at Howard University, I'm wise enough to know nothing says summer has arrived like a sexy roof top lounge. With that being said, I was determined to find a rooftop located within the heart of Philly that wasn't pretentious but gave off a cool low key vibe. A beautiful view of the city would be a nicely added touch.... in comes Sky Garten. Hailed by the Philadelphia Inquirer as “Philadelphia’s first beer garden in the sky". 


Sky Garten is a beer garden located at three Logan square, 1717 Arch Street right on the 51st floor. It is also known as the highest beer garden in the entire world. I went there on a humid Friday evening on a casual date. He let me pick the spot so I yelped and decided it was worth a try. We parked in the parking lot below the building and took the elevator up to the main lobby. From there we proceeded to take the second set of elevators up to the 51st floor. I admit it was a little intimidating at first as it is an extremely fancy building, but once those elevator doors opened back up and we walked to the main entrance.... things changed.


The first thing they did was charge a $5 cover fee. This was when my points started to become deducted. WHY would a beer garden charge you $5 when you're about to go in and buy numerous drinks and food? It's a petty thing that Philadelphia has to get over. These damn cover charges. I think I was more shocked because it was downtown. Anyways, I still kept an open mind. Once my date paid both of our cover charges, we entered and the first thing you see are high windows over looking Philly. It's GORGEOUS. You hear me? Views on views on views. I immediately say, "Take my pic!" Next we walk in further and I see the "Skygarten" sign on the wall with an unoccupied bar with stools. So we proceed further. 


To my surprise the main bar area is nothing like I've ever experienced before. It literally looks like a school cafeteria or recreational facility with wooden benches and games placed on different tables. There's an area for you to order drinks and food and a projected screen with a movie playing; but other than that, it gave off zero excitement. My date and I were a tad bit disappointed at just how casual that part of the bar felt for a Friday night. It seemed more like a college hangout spot more than anything. We tried to make the best of it and ordered food and drinks. They gave us one of those things that light up when the food is ready And I remembered what I initially came there for to begin with. The rooftop!! 


My happy ass walks to the door of the roof area and I get stopped by a young girl (who looks like she's 14) and she tells me that I can't go on the roof with a straw in my drink. I don't know why but I oblige and take out the straw. Once we finally get onto the open roof area, all is forgiven. The view at Skygarten is EVERYTHING and promptly makes up for the chill hangout vibe it gives inside. It now says grown and sexy with a view over looking the Ben Franklin Bridge. The breeze is also amazing. Definitely date night worthy. 


Once our food was done, I convinced my date to play Jenga with me.  The Jenga we were playing had dares written on them and some were illicit. This peaked my interest I cannot lie. 


I give this location 3 out of four stars because it has potential to be one of the hottest places in Philly but it's missing a DJ and needs more of a diverse crowd. Skygarten has been around since 2016 which leads me to wonder... why haven't I heard of it before now?