1735 Market Street

When I was invited to attend my first Sips Wednesday this summer at Uptown Beer Garden, I thought it was gonna be real posh. I made the mistake of getting excited way too soon. Prior to me going I mentioned to my YT coworker that I was meeting a group of friends there and she warned me it was a stuffy place for the business types. She was right. Definitely more of the crowd that wears suits downtown and came for an over priced cocktail.

When my Homegirl and I approached the Beer Garden a small group of people were at the hostess stand being told that we had to send a text to their system and get on their RSVP list. This entitled business woman was extremely upset but I felt her, what an inconvenience to have to do. There must be a better way to get us on their mailing list if that was what they were after.

We get things squared away and enter, it’s an open space and cute. They had an area where you could order tacos for half price (sips discount). I would have to say that was the most reasonable thing there because the speciality drinks that were on the sips menu were more like watered down versions of sangria and when we tried to get rum and coke they were like $10 each.


I immediately felt the need to leave because the point of Sips is to have double the fun at half the price. But I digress perhaps we were out of our league here considering we did not have on suits.Before leaving I reminded myself how some people in Philly don’t mind wasting money on drinks if their social budget could stand it.


Two stars for being a pretentious Sips location with lack of diversity.



19th & Market

One word LIT. After we left the Uptown Beer Garden, we walked down to the Marathon Grille and the scene that awaited us was straight out of a movie. It was everything happy hours should be made of! Every body and their momma was out there. The bouncers were sexy as hell, and nobody was worried about anyone else. People were literally doing their own thing. I felt like I had came to the right place. It was just what the doctor ordered and what we all needed as a pregame for the Chris Brown Concert happening later on that evening. I sparked up a conversation with this attractive guy at the bar. 



We didn't exchange numbers because he was a bit timid but it was nice that I could provide him with some warm conversation. Sometimes its just like that but the good thing is that there were so many options there that he would for sure get another opportunity at meeting someone else.


Now I have to say Marathon Grill did not disappoint when it came down to having great deals. The drinks were not super pricy and the sips menu was definitely a hit. I ordered sweet potato fries and a hotdog all under $12. I love a deal! It also felt like a huge Brooklyn day party with lots of unique individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Reminded me of the much social scene D.C. brings on any given weekend.

Five stars bravo Marathon Grille!!