Corona Crazy

Today is May 21, 2020. Most of us in the world have been on quarantine due to COVID-19 (Corona Virus) since March 15th. Some have been on quarantine longer. We entered 2020 with this false hope of an exciting and prosperous year but so far we’ve been plagued with nothing but challenges and it seems people are dying left and right (whether it’s from Corona or not, I really can’t say).

The key word here is SEEMS.

The media has been very successful in not only covering COVID-19 information at every twist and turn, it has also been the driving force behind our present day society that involves mass hysteria and panic regarding this “invisible virus”. Nobody really knows how you get it (is it through germs, sex, the eyes, ears, nose, travel to distant lands?) and nobody knows how to cure it (AIDS meds or Malaria meds?) All we know is that the CDC has disseminated contradictory information regarding how to protect ourselves ever since news broke in December that the virus was coming out of Wuhan China. We have also been forced to pretty much stay in doors to Clean, watch Netflix, eat, rinse and repeat. Everyone has literally been going Corona Crazy.

Now this post isn’t necessarily meant to be a conspiracy post (although I could go on and on about my research findings that would challenge everything you believe to be true regarding COVID-19). Instead this is a post to examine what life has become and where we could be headed. Regardless if some of us believe the virus is an actual threat or not, our liberties are being taken away day by day and we are now being forced to wear masks while grocery shopping, Inside of most work places all day, and now I’ve learned while riding in Uber’s that it has become mandatory or I can’t ride.

I believe wearing a mask should be a choice because not wearing one doesn’t make a difference either way. It’s interesting to me how China was plagued with the virus since December and started wearing masks then then but we went without masks for at least three months before the outbreak got “deadly” in America (Mid-March). I’ve also witnessed political officials give press releases with masks on only to take them off when they thought cameras weren’t in view. Which makes me wonder WHY they decided to make mask wearing mandatory and WHAT makes them so sure we are protected by a mask?

I’m at my wits end with wearing these masks. It’s now become BIG BUSINESS. Suddenly everyone is making and selling stupid ass masks and anyone who speaks out against wearing them is condemned to the pits of hell. I see the super judge looks I receive when I refuse to wear one while taking a walk. This is exactly why I rarely leave home unless in a vehicle because I don’t want to go through the riff raff of “WHERES YOUR MASK?”

Reasons I HATE wearing a mask:

  1. It’s disturbing. Limits human interaction by removing endearing qualities such as a simple smile. It also stops you from starting a normal conversation with a complete stranger. I happen to like meeting new people.

  2. It imposes on our Freedom. We all look like we are in a controlled government state where everyone are robots following orders. Anyone who doesn’t wear a mask is judged and stopped from participating in normal society. Hunger games style.

  3. It adds anxiety. While doing regular things such as grocery shopping I now have extreme anxiety. I can’t breathe while shopping and I can only take “shopping while masking” for a short period of time. Let’s not forget it causes my glasses to fog up as I breathe.

  4. It’s Stupid. I don’t think those masks are doing anything especially in terms of safety when people are still getting corona from staying home (supposedly). We are also under the assumption that simply wearing any mask (homemade, hospital mask) would keep us safe but I believe the TYPE of mask makes a difference. Some of these masks are made in poor quality and flimsy.

  5. It’s challenging having to always remember to carry a mask in my bag because I refuse to wear one 24/7 is draining because I can’t go into any stores without one.

The fact that this is the new norm and people are actually ok with this shows that we have become sheep in our society. I see people come into the personal homes of others and sit with their masks on for hours. I honestly wouldn’t invite anyone to my home who felt they had to do that because I’m not sick, never was sick, and if you don’t feel safe they always had a choice to stay home. If they do come it is brief and for some business move. You can’t practice that type of hysteria in my home. Sorry not sorry.

Life is too short to live it wearing masks (literally and figuratively). Where do we go from here? “They” have already proven that the people will literally follow anything that the government tells them so the future looks pretty bleak. “They” will continue to impose new laws and measures on us, and will even try to make the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for travel even if we the people are under no real danger.

Mark my words.... our lives have been forever changed and it sucks ass.

Check out this “conspiracy” article by the Vigilant Citizen pertaining to “masks” if you’re into that kind of stuff .

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