Neyow's Creole Cuisine

3332 Bienville St


Neyows is a black owned restaurant in the heart of New Orleans possibly less than 15 minutes from the French Quarters. Before going I had heard a lot of great things from family and friends who had visited New Orleans in the past. Because it was my very first trip, I made an itinerary of all the local food spots and restaurants that were recommended and was happy that I could finally make my way there.

My homegirl Helena was also in town for a Shriners convention with her mother so we decided to make a day of it and ended up at Neyows on a humid Saturday night in August. To our surprise when the Uber pulled up to Neyows, I spotted a very large group of people seated outside waiting to be seated inside. When we go inside it wasn’t much better, it’s jam packed with a hour wait.

Usually back home in Philly we would just leave and go somewhere else but we were in New Orleans and this was actually a good sign. The more packed meant the better the food was. We decided to stay. But after waiting ten minutes something clicked in my head, let’s just sit at the bar. Then BOOM the Red Sea parted and there was a chair for me and the chair right next to me was about to be available because the woman was signing her check. Perfecto!

My sister recommended the char grilled Oysters from Neyows as a favorite appetizer. After ordering myself a half dozen I immediately understood why and kicked myself for not ordering the full dozen. They were delicious and seasoned to Cajun perfection! Helena and I also ordered the Bow Wow fruit punch. At first I’m like, “why is it called The Bow Wow fruit punch” but by the time we left I realized it’s called that because it almost knocks you off your feet. Almost nobody finishes the large cup of liquor; in fact many people didn’t make it past like 6 or 7 sips before needing to lay down. Rumor has it that if you can finish one cup of the punch the next is free or discounted. I took mine home and sat it in the fridge and later through it out before heading to Vaso on Frenchmen Street. I just couldn’t stand the heat.

I ended up ordering the countriest meal I could find, fried chicken red beans and rice. It was delicious!!! I was also able to talk to the people at the bar to get some information about New Orleans and the people were super friendly and gave wonderful tips which I will share on the travel page! We really enjoyed ourselves and plan on coming again to Neyows very soon.

Five stars Neyows!!! For a wonderful and tasteful experience.