Must Love Travel: 10 reasons Why I Won't Get Serious With A Guy Who Doesn't Travel        By: Bintu Kabba

Have you ever been out of the country? Do you at least own a passport? If the answer to the first question is "No" there's still hope for you and I but if the answer to the second is still "No" I'm deducting points and losing interest as soon as the word leaves your lips. But, you may still have time to redeem yourself. Here comes the dance. "Why don't you have a passport?" "Do you plan on ever flying out the U.S.?" "Do you have a fear of flying?" I need answers!!!!

It's a known fact, individuals who have never traveled outside of the country and don't seem to show any signs of travel interest constantly live in a state of fear. They don't share a global view, and aren't that open minded to accepting new things or ideas. Every travelers nightmare is to fall in love with a non-traveler. Believe me. There's nothing like waking up in a hotel room and pulling back the curtains to stare at the outline of a foreign country, the unfamiliar smell of dust from a rigid roadside,  or wandering relentlessly into busy market places letting cultural artifacts and interesting people find you. Yup there's absolutely nothing like it.    

Say I meet a guy who is smart, ambitious, kind, understanding, funny.... But then he says "Africa? Why would anyone want to go there... You might mess around and not come back or catch something ." All bets are off. Like totally off. The thing is, I'm waay too busy planning my next big trip than to have time explaining to him the benefits of a world class education through travel. Travel is apart of my identity and fuels my creativity. 

Have you ever tried convincing someone who doesn't travel that the world is a much more safe and welcoming place than they have previously imagined? It's like teaching a ballerina how to play football. Nearly impossible. It's by sheer experience that one begins to relax and let go of their greatest fears. Did you know that getting into a deadly car accident has about the same amount of risk as crashing in an airplane... Does that help at all? One thing is for sure, my reluctance to steer shy away from non-travelers I believe is completely justified. Below are my top ten reasons why I could never commit to a guy who doesn't want to rack up frequent flyer miles!

1. He will be hesitant to at least TRY new foods and places throughout our relationship and will be stuck in a safety zone.

2. He won't understand my sense of style and why I'm influenced by every country I've visited. 

3. He won't be as in touch with humanity and philanthropy because he doesn't know just how good we have it in America.

4. He won't be able to make love to me on the black sand beaches of the  Philippines (in my mind ya'll)

5. He will laugh at my desire to learn how to make basmati rice and Indian curry for my new Friends. 

6. He won't be able to live in the moment, practicing mindfulness

7. He will live a very controlled and rigid life with little to no room for spontaneity. 

8. He will be limited and that will cause my unhappiness . 

9. He won't be as brave as me.

10. He will try methods of control to keep me home and  won't allow me the freedom to travel once we get serious.